Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Press Statement for Immediate Release
13 October 2010

The latest developments in the PKR party election, especially the alleged denial of Nurul Izzah Anwar’s right to contest for the Deputy President position, is cause for grave concern.

Any member who has joined for more than a year as at the cut-off date for qualifying members to vote and also to contest should be allowed to contest for any position as long as she or he has the necessary nominations

And the divisions’ nominations must not be thwarted by any administrative deadlines, which more often than not fall on deaf or apathetic ears. It is good to have administrative processes but they must be transparent and serve the objectives of the party.

The Central Election Committee (JPP), which is supposed to be in charge of the PKR election, unfortunately, does not appear to be on top of things. Who is calling the shots in the party election? The Secretary-General or the JPP?

The more pertinent questions begging to be asked are these: Is the JPP given the mandate to run the entire electoral process? Are they independent? Are there clear and approved electoral rules? Who makes the final decisions in cases where there are disputes in the electoral process?

If there is a communication breakdown between the JPP and the party secretariat, it is understandable. Indeed, even errors due to inexperience are acceptable. However, we must remember that not only must things be fair, they must also appear to be fair.

This statement is made to help clarify matters. Please help all members understand what is going on for the sake of the party’s unity. We must march as one towards Putrajaya.

Candidate for Vice President
Parti Keadilan Rakyat Election 2010