Sunday, April 29, 2012

Obama's Secret Service scandal ‘prostitute’ pictured for first time

The first pictures have emerged of a Colombian woman reported to be the prostitute at the heart of the US Secret Service scandal.
Dania 24 year 300x187 Secret Service scandal prostitute pictured for first time
The New York Daily News published photographs of a 24-year-old single mother known as Dania, who is reported to have gone back to an upmarket hotel with one of President Barack Obama’s bodyguards only to argue the following morning about price.
When the agent refused to pay the $800 she was demanding hotel staff and local police became involved, sparking one of the most serious scandals in the Service’s history

Dania Hooker 300x173 Secret Service scandal prostitute pictured for first timeThe woman, who reportedly has a nine-year-old son, eventually left with around $225 but by that point the US Embassy had become involved.
Three agents have been forced out already and of the remaining eight who have been suspended more are expecting to go.
One supervisor was allowed to retire and another sacked, while a more junior uniformed officer resigned.
secret service prostitute 216x300 Secret Service scandal prostitute pictured for first time

CBS News reported last night identified the supervisor that was retired as David Chaney while the man that was sacked is reported to be Greg Stokes. Mr Stokes was recently in charge of the agency’s canine division.
The prostitute spoke to the New York Times earlier in the week, saying that the Americans did not tell her they were Secret Service agents and had not revealed that they were protecting President Barack Obama.
“This is something really big,” she said. “This is the government of the United States. I have nervous attacks. I cry all the time.” ~ Credit: telegraph