Monday, September 10, 2012

Warning To All Internet Users: Emma Watson named most 'dangerous' cyber celebrity

Emma Watson named most 'dangerous' cyber celebrity
Emma Watson named most dangerous cyber celebrity
NEW YORK (AP) - Emma Watson is the favorite celebrity bait for cyber criminals trying to lure Internet users.
McAfee said Monday that the Harry Potter star is the "most dangerous" celebrity to search for online. That's because many sites use Watson to trick users into downloading malicious software or to steal personal information.
When searching for the 22-year-old Watson, there's a one-in-eight chance of landing on a malicious site.
This is the sixth time the Intel-owned security technology company has conducted the study, which was last year topped by Heidi Klum. Female celebrities are far more likely to be utilized by cyber criminals: late-night host Jimmy Kimmel was the only male in the top 20.

Singapore will be setting up a new National Cyber Security Centre that will monitor the cyberspace to detect and prevent attacks from hackers and criminals. 
Nyampah betullah. MCMC buat do no je. Penyangak cyber mangkok berayun asyik mencuba nasib nak kelentong warga cyber. Kat Malaysia ni dah lah ...
WASHINGTON - US AUTHORITIES on Tuesday arrested 16 people for cyber crimes including 14 over an online attack on the PayPal website claimed by the hacking group 'Anonymous,' the Department of Justice said.

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