Monday, January 14, 2013

Chandra Muzaffar's verbal attack upon Anwar Ibrahim is desperate & absurd

We refer to the claim by Chandra Muzaffar today that Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has admitted that he will be a ' disastrous Prime Minister' by amending the Statement of Claim in his lawsuit against Chandra. This is a mischievous, false and absurd statement by Chandra. The High Court Judge in allowing Anwar's application to amend the statement of claim did not make any ruling that the amendment would amount to an admission. Chandra's statement is based on his own baseless and illogical interpretation of the court order. In fact, the High Court Judge agreed with Anwar's lawyers that the amendment would help narrow down issues at the trial. 

Chandra is also blowing hot and cold, because he had through his lawyers objected to Anwar's amendments. Chandra's objections were rightly rejected by the Judge this morning. If Anwar's amendments meant that he is admitting to being a 'disastrous PM', why then did Chandra object to the amendments? Chandra appears now to be lashing out, after having lost the argument in court this morning. 
In this K.L High Court suit, Anwar is suing Chandra for making a false and libellous statement alleging that Anwar had said that he would make sure ' temple bells would not ring anymore'. Chandra must answer for this outrageous statement in court. Chandra's statement today is thus a futile and desperate attempt to distract attention from the real issue in the lawsuit. 

In any event, whether Anwar Ibrahim should be Prime Minister is a decision for people of this country to make at the 13th GE. It is not for any court of law to make this decision. Dr Chandra Muzaffar must learn that this is how a real democracy functions. 

Issued by,

Lawyers for Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim 
14th January 2013    

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