Friday, April 19, 2013

PRU-13: Timbalan Presiden PKR, Tian Chua mungkin tidak bertanding

Waiting for Election Commision’s official letter confirming Tian Chua is not disqualified as a candidate for Batu
Vice President Tian Chua (Chua Tian Chang)
Tian Chua
KEADILAN intends to re-nominate Vice President Tian Chua (Chua Tian Chang), incumbent Member of Parliament (28 April 2008 - 3 April 2013) to stand as a candidate in the parliamentary seat of Batu (P115), Wilayah Perseketuan.
KEADILAN takes the view Tian Chua is well qualified to stand as a candidate notwithstanding a RM2000 fine meted out to him in an earlier criminal prosecution arising out of a public assembly.  In the High Court judgement by Justice Haji Ghazali Cha, he decided categorically that Tian Chua was NOT disqualified.
On Monday, 15 April, Tian Chua’s lawyers submitted a letter to the Election Commission (EC) to ask them to confirm categorically in writing Tian Chua is not disqualified to stand in Batu. The letter also requested a meeting on Wednesday 17 April 2013 at 10 am. On Wednesday, Tian Chua, together with his lawyers met with the Legal Advisor to the EC,  En Mohd Azhar bin Mohd Yusoff, and were told that the matter was still being discussed and a response would be sent later.
Today PKR has received verbal confirmation from En Azhar  that the RM2000 fine handed out to Tian Chua by Justice Ghazali Cha does not disqualify him.  The EC will abide by the ruling made by the said High Court Judge. En Azhar has also confirmed that the position taken by the EC is after receiving legal advice from the Attorney General's Chambers.
However KEADILAN has still not received the above confirmation from the EC in writing. If it is still not received in writing by 2 pm Friday 19 April, then we will have no option but to conclude that there is an intent to prevent Tian from submitting his nomination papers.
The party will review the situation and respond accordingly.
Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail
Parti Keadilan Rakyat
19 April 2013

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