Tuesday, May 7, 2013

King Jason, PapaGomo ditahan polis

pro-Umno Papagomo
Penulis blog kontroversi pro-Umno Papagomo hari ini ditahan polis.

Beliau ditahan bersama seorang lagi individu yang dikenali sebagai "King Jason".

Perkara itu dimaklumkan oleh pihak polis melalui pesanan Twitter hari ini. Sebab penahanannya setakat ini belum diketahui. 

Bagaimanapun, sebelum ini dilaporkan terdapat laporan polis dibuat terhadapnya dan seorang pembaca Shahrizad Mohd Diah atas dakwaan mengeluarkan kenyataan berhubung isu Melayu dan Cina.

Free Malaysia Today melaporkan, laporan itu dibuat oleh Jamilah Baharuddin di balai polis Simpang Tiga dan kemudiannya di Sungai Maong di Kuching.

Free Malaysia Today - KUCHING: A Sarawak PKR’s women wing member today lodged a police report against blogger Papagomo and a reader – Shahrizad Mohd Diah – for allegedly calling on all Malays to riot against the Chinese for voting for the opposition.
The report was filed by Jamilah Baharuddin at the Simpang Tiga police station. Later she filed another report at the Sungai Maong police Station.
She was accompanied by Simon Siah, a lawyer and a PKR youth wing vice-chairman, and Patricia Ainon Daweg, a PKR member.
Jamilah alleged that the postings came from Papagomo, a well-known pro-Umno blogger, and Shahrizad Mohd Diah, a financial adviser who also claimed to be a managing director of MD Property Development Sdn Bhd.
Shahrizad allegedly suggested that on May 13, the “Malays should rise, riot and kill all Chinese bastards in Malaysia, and slaughter them like slaughtering pigs.”
“This is the only way,” he had allegedly said in a comment posted on Papagomo’s blog.
Papagomo in his posting allegedly said that Chinese in DAP ‘wajib ditendang’ (kicked) even though if it means bloodshed.
Jamillah said that she being a Malay was shocked to read such statements coming from the two persons.
“I am sure other Malays do not share their statements,” she said, pointing out that “we cannot blame the Chinese for supporting the opposition”.
She called on the police authorities to immediately take action against the duo for allegedly inciting the Malays to riot on May 13 as a pre-empt action.
Jamilah also urged the people to remain calm.