Monday, July 22, 2013

Bacaan Dewasa: Bahagian Tubuh Wanita Yang Paling Diminati Lelaki

Bacaan Dewasa: Bahagian Tubuh Wanita Yang Paling Diminati Lelaki
buah dada atau payu dara wanita
Kajian yang dijalankan menunjukkan bahawa bahagian buah dada atau payu dara wanita adalah bahagian yang paling diminati lelaki.

Nothing draws more attention towards a woman, than her own breasts. A woman’s tits are the biggest turn on for men. This perhaps is also the reason why women today are more conscious about the maintenance of their assets.

Food for thought:

The first place that more than half the world’s men look at when they see a female is her boobs.

Research has shown that nothing turns on men more than breasts (cleavage, side profile, nipples, shape, size).

What men want:

Unlike popular belief, shape matters more than size. Men have more of a thing for the shape of a woman’s breasts than the size. Surprisingly, men also notice and appreciate the type of nipples- the tip, the color and the texture.

In western countries, men have a fetish for large breasts, unlike in their eastern counterparts, countries in and around Asia, where even and firm breasts have been considered perfect since ages.

While most men like them natural, generally, the efforts behind getting implants don’t go unnoticed. Perfection is definitely appreciated, be it natural or cosmetic.

How to flaunt them:

The classic way to flaunt breasts has been wearing low cut blouses, which give the men the naughty sneak peek. Get your blouses/tops cut low, and lean forward every now and then towards your man coquettishly. Men like the occasional peek-a-boo. The fact that  a woman makes the slip seem accidental, makes it a better turn on.

The woken up look is another favorite among men. Get rid of the bra while sporting loose fitting (slightly see-through) tees. The outlined shape of a woman’s nipples on her blouse/top drives a man crazy, especially when they are erect.