Friday, October 18, 2013

PRESS STATEMENT: From Member of Political Bureau, Parti Keadilan Rakyat

PRESS STATEMENT: From Member of Political Bureau, Parti Keadilan Rakyat

On 16th October Federal CID Deputy Director Datuk Mazlan Mansor had informed Padang Serai MP N Surendran and myself as his legal advisor, the terms of the indemnity to be signed prior to Surendran's participation in police operations against armed suspects.

Surendran has agreed to almost all the terms insisted on by the police. However we have asked the police to re-consider two of the conditions set by PDRM. These conditions are that the police will take no responsibility whatsoever for anything that may happen to Surendran during the operation and that Surendran can have no legal claims against the Government of Malaysia, PDRM, the IGP and/or any police officer involved in the operation arising from any incident during the operation.

The condition that PDRM will not take responsibility at all is not reasonable. The invitation to join the operation was first made by the IGP, and Surendran had immediately agreed to it. Having invited Surendran, surely the police cannot now say that they will take no responsibility for his safety. This is tantamount to bad faith on their part.

The police also need to clarify whether Surendran will be an 'observer' or 'participant' in the operation, as contradictory statements on this have been made by CID and the IGP. The CID have insisted that the requested indemnity describes Surendran as a 'participant' whilst the IGP is using the word 'observer'. In our view, 'observer' is appropriate.

As Surendran's legal adviser, I have today written to the CID Director and the IGP asking them to reconsider the above conditions set out by PDRM which excludes responsibilty for Surendran's safety. Meanwhile, I am instructed that Surendran remains ready to take part in upcoming police operations on short notice.

MP for Subang
Member of Political Bureau, Keadilan 

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