Monday, October 13, 2014

"Hari Tanpa Bra" salah satu daya tarikan pelancung ke Malaysia

Kalau pesta arak Oktoberfest boleh dihalalkan oleh Kementerian Pelancungan kerajaan Umno BN atas alasan menarik pelancung asing, tidak mustahil 'Hari Tanpa Bra' juga akan turut diagendakan sebagai salah satu daya tarikan pelancung ke Malaysia.

Ladies, on Monday, October 13th, leave the bra at home, because the day marks National No Bra Day, and the only way to celebrate is to let your breasts hang unrestrained.

Many of you may remember that the day to wear no bras i supposed to fall on July 9th every year, which it still does, though as October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, the 13th was added as an extra No Bra Day, originally by Boobstagram.

Men may feel left out on this day devoted to bra-lessness, but keep in mind that any male can participate simply by wearing purple. Rock a purple anything and show some support for the women in your life, all of whom should be rocking out with their breasts out. Women who simply must wear a bra can do the same, and wear something purple too.

As a side note, white shirts are totally recommended on No Bra Day.